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Foam Roller With Resonance - Improving Flexibility and Performance

A current research from Japan was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sports Scientific Research & Medicine. A team of 15 male volley ball players, typical height of concerning 5 feet, joined a test of a certain foam roller with vibration, the J-Pole. The examination was carried out on a semi-transparent non-skid surface at a sports laboratory.

The vibration regularity of the foam-roller vibrated from 36 to 60 Hz. All participants foam rollers performed one ten-minute session on the knee of the J-Pole. The J-Pole is a cutting edge sports equipment that gives optimal influence resistance by producing a high-impact as well as rapid rotating motion of a smooth, non-skid surface area on which you can work out. The J-Pole is utilized mostly for beach ball, tennis, as well as various other sporting activities where reduced impact is chosen. The outcomes were remarkable: all participants experienced a considerable renovation in their adaptability endurance. Not just did the gamers experience a rise in adaptability, yet they additionally experienced an increase in stamina also.

In addition to the J-Pole, individuals who participated in the study also did regular physical exercises at the sporting activity's lab. These workouts consisted of high-intensity toughness training, balance exercises, swimming exercises, and also stretching exercises.


The volleyball gamers who participated in this examination had a much greater vibration regularity when compared to the control individuals. The outcomes showed that when the volleyball players performed the very same workouts, yet without the J-Pole, their vibration frequency was similar to that of the control team. However, the volley ball players who did participate in the test had considerably greater vibration regularity throughout the same exercises when compared to the control team.

It is interesting to note that the beach ball do vibrating foam rollers work better gamers with a higher vibration frequency when contrasted to the control group utilized much less pressure to carry out the exercises as well as the J-Pole and also vibration regularity of their non-J-Pole was comparable with the control team. The enhanced quantity of force required by the volley ball players is likely because of the additional strain put on their bodies foam rollers during the physical activities they did while using the J-Pole during the test.

This research study is essential to those athletes that are training for affordable volley ball and also various other sports tasks, as it gives athletes with an understanding of just how vibration can be made use of to improve their fitness. and also versatility.

It is not clear from the data that the enhanced resonance frequency in volley ball gamers resulted from the J-Pole alone. Several of the exercises might have created the enhanced resonance, however, the majority of the workouts did not create the boost in regularity. The beach ball players likewise did exercises on a different non-skid surface, such as a marble floor, which would certainly influence the capacity to preserve a consistent call with the floor.

Future research should seek to identify the specific devices involved in these exercises as well as the results they carry beach ball players' adaptability endurance. Since the J-Pole has actually been clinically verified and also used for over 10 years, even more research studies must be performed to establish its prospective advantages in sporting activities. As a matter of fact, more researches are presently being carried out to find out if it can help hurt athletes, as lots of believe it may be valuable.

There are some professional athletes that say that resonance might cause an injury, although this research study did not gauge the frequency of muscle spasms, in addition to other injuries. As pointed out previously, this study only looked at the frequency and force with which the volleyball gamers relocated the J-Pole throughout the workouts.


For the most part, it is not clear if these exercises will aid hurt professional athletes, as these same workouts have actually been utilized by athletes and body builders for many years. The study will continue, as even more professional athletes continue to try these workouts. Although there is some discussion regarding the very best means to do these exercises, there is no question that these workouts will eventually assist somehow.

The J-Pole roller is a great choice to use when you intend to improve your flexibility as well as efficiency while playing volley ball. This devices is an excellent choice for gamers who are trying to boost their video game. When acquiring one, it is very important to see to it that you purchase one that is designed and also produced by a respectable firm. Make sure to examine the supplier's internet site to learn more on their items.